In this tutorial, we will describe how to deploy a software-defined power meter to monitor the power consumption of a single node or a cluster of nodes.

This tutorial will redirect you to specific instructions that explain how to deploy each component of the power meter (i.e., the sensor and the formula).


This tutorial assumes that you already deployed a MongoDB instance that is remotely accessible from all nodes you want to monitor.

CPUs of monitored nodes must have an Intel Sandy Bridge architecture or higher. The sensor should run on a Linux distribution that is not on a virtual environment.

Monitoring a single node

To monitor the global power consumption of a single node, you can deploy all the power meter components on the same node as follows:

Monitoring a cluster

To monitor the global power consumption of a cluster, you need to follow almost the same step as to monitor a single node:

When using the mongo client to access the power consumption data, you can use the metadata field sensor to match power consumption with monitored nodes.